Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is not just the next release of a great product. It is, in fact, a generational shift in business software, delivering new levels of capability, unmatched agility, and a compelling and empowering user experience. At the same time,

Microsoft Dynamics AX sets a new standard for simplicity. This does not pretend to capture every detail of the product, but instead highlights the key innovations that make Microsoft Dynamics AX powerful, agile, and simple.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a truly global solution, designed to scale with your business.

Simple enough to deploy for a single business unit in a single country, Microsoft Dynamics AX will support the unique requirements for business systems in 36 countries—all from a single-instance deployment of the software. Multiple currencies, multiple time zones, multiple languages, and compliance with multiple banking and reporting standards and legislative codes give you the global coverage that you require. And a layered architecture and installable language packs provide the flexibility for future growth to other markets, including options for agile, partner-led localization.

Business software is powerful if it empowers users—increasing their productivity and providing strong insights that help them make better decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a multi-language, multi-currency, industry-specific global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software product.

AX supports operational and administrative processes for organizations in manufacturing, retail, service industries and the public sector. Among its capabilities are financial management, human resource management (HRM), manufacturing, supply chain management (SCM), project management and accounting, retail and business intelligence (BI) reporting.

Dynamics AX has over 1,000 features. Some of the ERP solution's competitive strengths are as follows:

  • Multilayered architecture offers business agility to cater to rapidly changing business requirements
  • A true mixed-mode ERP solution, offering both discrete- and process-based manufacturing functionality
  • Seamless Microsoft Office integration with Excel, Word, Outlook, and Dynamics CRM, often with one click
  • An enterprise portal that promotes both internal and external collaboration, as companies can share information upstream and downstream to streamline production and delivery
  • A suite of complimentary tools including the Management Reporter, dashboards, balanced scorecards, data warehousing and OLAP collectively deliver a powerful business intelligence solution
  • Role-based configuration allows dashboard creation for specific user functions, such as Kanban scheduling visualization, workflows, data flows, and task lists, whether using the Windows Client or a web browser
  • A very strong and integrated CRM solution
  • An extremely strong global partner network and third party software marketplace
  • First Microsoft Dynamics AX is delivered on a platform of familiar, high-value, low-total cost of ownership (TCO) technology.Whether IT is managed directly by the customer or by their partner, Microsoft technology means access to a broad universe of people and resources that already understand the technology platform.
  • Next the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution delivers pervasive interoperability with Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Lync, whether on- premises or in the cloud, to bring users the familiar, productive experiences they expect—empowered with access to Microsoft Dynamics AX data and functionality. For example, BI accessed naturally through Microsoft Excel, documents stored in SharePoint visualized in business context through Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics data available for seamless inclusion in Microsoft Word documents, and presence and click-to-communicate capability delivered through Lync interoperability.
  • In addition, Microsoft is committed to bringing the latest innovations across social, mobile, visualization, machine learning, and natural user experiences to business users, in context, today and tomorrow.
  • Perhaps most importantly, the commitment to bring Microsoft technology to business users is not a one-time event at a single point in time—it is a commitment to continuously renew that technology from generation to generation. Renewable technology, delivered through an upgradable application—power and productivity on-premises today, with Microsoft Dynamics AX evolving to include the cloud tomorrow with the next major Microsoft Dynamics AX release.