AJR Human Capital Management

Serving corporates who need to automate the payroll complexity, balances and assures accuracy through implementing D365 F&O as Add-in solution using built-in integration core functions in system or as standalone solution to get maximize utilization for business activities.

No more complex and time- consuming HR tasks. AJR is the first HCM add-in validated software solution in Egypt, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft core functions. It comes with purpose-built AI models designed specifically for Human Resources and Learning & Development. Let’s re-innovate your Human Resources functions!

4 Reasons why you should be using AJR HCM:

  1. Unlock Endless Potential of Microsoft Dynamics ERP/HR Features:
    AJR HCM is built on a tested, verified, and guaranteed Microsoft Dynamic 365 core function, developed by high experts to maximize your business profit, and offer localized features.

  2. Empower the AI to Lead the Way:
    AJR HCM is saving you countless hours by bringing the power of AI to automate and simplify the HR processes through analyzing resumes, screening, performance management, and more.

  3. Explore Dynamic Data Analysis:
    AJR HCM utilizes Power BI to create dynamic HR and payroll dashboards seamlessly integrated with DFO 365 AJR data. We empower you with: real-time insights, customized reports, mobile accessibility and more.

  4. Keep in touch using Power Apps:
    AJR HCM combines Power Apps with DFO HR and payroll systems to improve processes and accessibility. By providing an Employee Self-Service Portal, employees and managers can conveniently document and assess performance, monitor predefined goals, and more from one central location.

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